The Canoe Club, Palmetto Bluff, SC | J.Banks Design
Photography by Anne


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St. Regis Resort, Aspen | Lauren Rottet

Following a tradition of astute design and impeccable quality, EJ Victor furnishes luxury projects around the globe. Whether it be with our collection-based lifestyle products, or custom-made pieces designed by our clients, EJ Victor Hospitality seeks to create a luxury residential experience for the contract world.

Installations Available to View Online

•39 Conduit Road, Hong Kong
•40 Bleecker, New York City
•98 Wireless, Bangkok
•Canoe Club, Palmetto Bluff, SC
•Four Seasons Resort, Lanai
•New World Equestrian
Hotel, Ocala, FL
•Next Door Bistro, Auckland
•Palacio DeHierro Corporate
Offices, Mexico City
•Ritz Carlton, Grand Cayman
•St. Regis Resort, Aspen
•The Dunes Club, Myrtle Beach, SC
•The Pier, Brisbane
•Timbers Kiawah Resort, SC
•Delta Gamma Sorority House, FL

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