EJ Victor Warranty


EJ Victor will repair or replace, at EJ Victor’s discretion, any product or part found to be defective in workmanship or materials given normal use and care upon examination by an authorized EJ Victor representative for one year from date of shipment. This warranty does not include misuse of product, improper care of product, modifications of product, exposure to dramatic temperature or unusual conditions or damages produced by contact with other
products. Damages resulting from everyday wear and tear are not covered by this warranty. EJ Victor is not
responsible for product appearance or fit due to building structure or stability. All EJ Victor upholstery fabrics, leather and COM materials are excluded from this warranty. Increased lead times are required for orders with customized product and large quantities. Orders will not be entered or confirmed until carrier and shipping address are provided.

EJ Victor is not liable for damages that occur during transit or storage. The carrier assumes all responsibility upon acceptance of product. All shipments should be opened and inspected immediately upon receipt. Claims for damages, shortages or overcharges should be placed against delivering carrier by the buyer or receiver of goods. It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect all products upon receipt. Customer should not accept the shipment until all shortages and carton damage are noted on the bill of lading and the freight bill. Concealed damage must be reported to the carrier within 15 days of receipt. Failure to make claims shall constitute acceptance of the products and waiver any claims of defects, errors or shortages.
Requests for changes in orders will only be considered if received in writing prior to the start of production.

EJ Victor reserves the right to charge for labor, materials and administrative costs for order changes. Revisions may result in rescheduling of the order at EJ Victor’s discretion.
All acknowledged orders are considered as firm orders and are not subject to cancellation or revision. If for any reason cancellation is permitted, it will be at the discretion of EJ Victor through written consent. If approved, canceled orders will be subject to a cancellation charge. Only standard, inventoried product will be considered for cancellation. No cancellations will be accepted on custom pieces or upholstery product after production has begun or fabric has been ordered.

Any delivery date change must be submitted in writing and approved by EJ Victor. If the customer
is unable to accept an order when it is ready for shipment, storage may be requested. Acceptance of storage will be at the discretion of EJ Victor. All costs including transportation will be at customer’s expense. A storage charge of 2% of the invoice will be assessed for every 30 days, or any part thereof, that merchandise remains in storage. Customer will bear all risk of damage or loss during storage.
EJ Victor will not accept return merchandise without a written Return Authorization from EJ Victor’s Credit Manager.

Wood Disclaimer
Our furniture is crafted with natural hardwoods and veneers which will expand/contract according to changes in the environment such as humidity levels and direct sunlight. All furniture needs to be in a climate-controlled environment with as little fluctuation as possible. It will take approximately 12 months for your furniture to acclimate to your environment. During this time, slight movement can be expected. If the product is exposed to extreme environmental changes, the following may occur: separation of materials, cracks due to extreme movement, and checking/delamination of veneer.

Velvet Disclaimer
Velvet fabrics are received into the plant with utmost care to minimize markings in the fabric. Once the velvets are cut and sewn, they are kept in racks to protect them while they await the upholstering team. When the items are upholstered and inspected, they move into the packing department where they are place in a cardboard tray, lightly wrapped in drop cloths, covered with plastic bags, and warmed to tighten the bag. When the bag tightens around the furniture, it will put some pressure on the corners of the upholstery which can and will create impressions in the velvet, depending on the pile height and characteristics of each individual velvet. It is best to open and unpack the upholstered item as soon as it is received at the warehouse. The longer it stays packed, the more difficult it is to brush out any impressions created while in the box. If there are impressions in the fabric, velvet manufacturers suggest brushing the fabric with a soft bristle brush or a soft piece of polyurethane foam to restore the knap.

Leather Disclaimer
Each hide used in the manufacturing of leather products has its own unique characteristics. These natural-occuring characteristics may include, but are not limited to, color differences due to dye absorption variability, grain and/or texture differences, and healed scars or scratches. These "marks of disctinction" are what make each leather piece unique and are not considered flaws.

Any claims against this limited warranty must be submitted in writing to the following address:
EJ Victor Warranty Claims, 110 Wamsutta Mill Road, Morganton, NC 28655 * (828) 437-1991